ICSIA sponsorship– OTCex Group

ICSIA – International Campus for Sustainable & Innovative Africa

ICSIA was created to meet the exponential growth in demand for education at all levels on the African continent and the qualitative inadequacies in the wake of its explosive demographic growth.

With the gap between the sparse training and education available and the growing needs of the employment market constituting a huge brake on the continent’s development, internationally renowned French educational institutions decided to build together their African expertise at centre in Mauritius.

In light of the stability of its democratic institutions and economic development placing at the middle-income level on a global scale, the Mauritius Republic is increasingly viewed as a regional hub of higher education. ICSIA thus decided to leverage its strategic perch to offer a unique educational opportunity to young Africans.

ICSIA offers students from the African continent the highest educational standards of the West in keeping with the development needs of the region. These are bilingual programmes adapted to the workplace where students will be immersed in a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic environment for the entire length of their studies. These youth represent enormous potential to transform the African continent, due to their commitment to return to their home country at the end of their studies during which they will be instilled, via innovative educational instruction, with service missions to help the local population.

“Centrale Nantes” to Mauritius: engineers to build the Africa of tomorrow

The Group of “Ecoles Centrales” and, more specifically, “Centrale Nantes”, known for its expertise in the maritime sector, created in September 2016 a Bachelor in Engineering within ICSIA. This educational programme represents a major educational innovation, entailing the adaptation of the French model, including a preparatory programme and “Grande Ecole”, in a three-year generalist education programme, plus a fourth year based on a major (civil, mechanical or maritime engineering).

Upon completion of this bachelor degree, a student may obtain a two-year Master degree in Mauritius or at the Nantes-based parent school to become an engineer.

OTCex Group has agreed to sponsor two full scholarships for 2017 and 2018.

Thanks to this commitment and conviction, two students will be able to study at “Centrale Maurice” under the best of conditions.

This year, Semere, our first Student has just finished his first year of Bachelor and he ranks 1st of the promotion.