Finex is an asset management company specializing in futures and multi-asset options portfolios.

“After over a decade of designing, implementing and trading technical analysis models for Tier 1 institutions, Andrew Gebhardt, Marcello Bugnoli and Michael Carney created Finex LLP in 2010. Finex is an asset manager specialising in Multi-Asset futures and options portfolios. Finex launched its UCITS IV Navigator Fund in November 2013. –

When Finex started it was clear that the firm would need to be heavily reliant on technology and this has been the primary focus from the first day. This has enabled Finex to expand the number of programmers, portfolio managers, and execution brokers to a sufficient level to deal with substantial amounts of risk allocations.

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  • Exécution
  • Infrastructures
  • Gestion

All parts of Finex are independently profitable, execution, infrastructure and management. This was thanks to a combination of rapid and efficient deployment and a client base which was hungry for more efficient direct risk and execution models.

Various operating conditions

The models are written using varied methods and cover the whole range of conditions; mean reversion to trend following and break out based from intraday to multi week holding periods. Finex concentrated initially on low frequency intraday models so that the returns could pay for the drawdown periods typical of multi week trend followers. Whilst this might be an oversimplification the likes of Series V and Series R are the fuel that drives the trend followers in Series F.

New models

Finex continually develops new models, without affecting previously written models; we don’t try and solve a problem which has already been solved. As an example the models within Series R were written and traded since 2001, Series F were written and traded since 2005, and finally Series V models were written and have traded since 2009.

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