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14th December 2017

Interest rate

The Eonia settled yesterday at -0.36.

  • The Fed, as expected, increased the Fed Funds rate 25 bps and revised upward its growth forecasts for the next two years. However, it maintained its inflation projections, which will remain below its 2% target in 2019.So why three new rate hikes in 2018?
  • The Bank of England, which is confronted with a resurgence of inflation, and a bit later, the ECB will hold meetings today. Watch, in particular for the new inflation projections.
  • In data publications today, there will be the final November inflation figure in France and the December preliminary PMIs in the eurozone and the United States,
  • In sovereign debt auctions, Ireland will issue on 1 year and Spain on 2021, 2027 and 2032.


Weekly letter HPC 11 December 2017

Trading Ideas


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Trading Ideas

Equities and Derivatives

  • Options on Indices and Single Stocks:
    On all European indices and major stocks.
  • Structured products in Europe:
    Variance Swaps and Options, TRS, Correlation, Barriers, etc.
  • Emerging Markets:
    Options on CEEMEA, LATAM and ASIA indices and major stocks.