Domains of expertise

Interest Rates / Credit


The funding desk, a long standing part of the Otcex group, has strengthened its role (position) in the global short term funding market. The funding desk  ranks Currently first in the short term broker flows.

Proud of its extensive experience reaching out to banks, institutional investors, asset managers as well as corporate treasurers, our team has the know how many lack to guide its clients through challenging markets with tailor made solutions


Our highly experienced and responsive HPC fixed-income team will help you identify opportunities and meet your investment requirements on all market segments (sovereign and High Yield debt).

Bolstered by a broad and diversified clientele, HPC’s fixed-income team will accompany throughout the transaction process by providing information, liquidity and confidentiality.

Government Bonds

When a government or company is in need of money, it issues what is called a bond, which enables it to raise funds to finance itself.

A bond is a debt. 

A company needs funds to pay for its growth and a government needs funds to cover its expenditures.

When you hold a bond, you have effectively lent money to the bond issuer in exchange for which it promises to return your principal plus a yield based on a payment schedule communicated in advance.


The repo market provides an efficient source of money market funding by offering deposits secured against high-quality liquid assets. Based in Paris & London our team provides prices and liquidity on main European government bonds but also on covered, supranational, agency and corporate bonds as an effective answer to the needs of our customers.


To fully address the IR risk, our dedicated team covers the entire range of vanilla and exotic instruments: CCS, IRS, swaptions, caps/floors, digitals, OFS, CMS structures… Due to our unique practical and quantitative expertise, we can assist banks in building the most intricated strategies and hedges.

To comply best with MIFID II and modern practices, we provide OTF hybrid execution, combining voice with innovative electronic services. Our Akurates platform cares for intelligent matching of outright orders and strategies and offers comprehensive real time pricing and hedging information.

Short-term interest rate swaps

OIS, FRA and IRS are among HPC’s flagship products.

Our experienced brokers provide an added-value service on these products, backed by genuine expertise on the 0-3 year segment.

We offer suitable solutions to our clients’ order execution in accordance with our best execution policy, given our monitoring of monetary policy in Europe and the world and the development of in-house pricing tools.

Driven by their understanding of derivative products, our brokers can offer clients a professional and effective service with answers tailored to their needs.

Domains of Expertise

Equities and Derivatives

Structured Products

HPC Structured Products team operates under HPC Investment Partners brand (www.hpcip.com) .

 Its products are built bespoke to client needs. Offering a variety of risk profiles and projected investment returns over many different product types including Capital Protection, Yield Enhancement, Participation and Leverage products and with or without knock-out features.

Products can be built across a wide range of asset classes including stocks, indices, commodities, FX, credit and funds.

Investment terms can vary from 1 month to 20 years and our products are available across a wide range of currencies including EUR, GBP, USD, CHF, RUB, SEK, NOK, HUF and CNY.

With access to a wide number of product issuers, with the ability to fine tune risk profiles to reflect your exact desired risk profile. Issuers range from BBB+ to AA rated institutions from all geographical regions, EMEA, Asia, US, Canada, Latin America and Africa.


We are global leaders on Emerging Markets Equity Derivatives, whether it is MSCI Futures, Eurex, ICE, SGX exchanges, vol products or more exotic structures.

Our very different set-up over geographies where people in Hong Kong, London, Paris and New York work as one team, creates a unique one-stop all-geographies offering for top-tier institutional clients.

Equity Derivatives Global

With a global network of experienced equity derivatives professionals located in major financial hubs (Honk Kong, New York , Paris , London), OTCex offers its institutional clients execution and voice-broking  in a broad range of global Equity Derivatives products , both OTC and listed.

With specialized teams in  Single Stock options, ETFs Options, Index derivatives, Delta One Products , Exotics Derivatives,  brokers within OTCex collaborate around the clock be to provide institutional clients with large pools of liquidity and best execution.

Futures & Options

The desk offers personalised services to the major institutional clients on the listed interest-rate, shares, futures and options products, backed by the expertise of our staff some of whom have been working on these products for 30 years.

Rounded out by a comprehensive range of information (volatility curves, relative value strategies, etc.), the desk’s activity is driven by its unparalleled execution based on the leveraging of a vast counterparty network developed over many years of work together.

Cash Equity

Equity trading

Stock traders dedicated to execution on European and U.S. marketsETF trading

  • Solid relationships with thirty counterparties (Market Makers / Banks)
  • Access to the Bloomberg trading platforms

Access to markets:

    • Major exchanges
    • Alternative exchanges (MTFs) Chi-x, Turquoise, Bats
    • Dark pool
    • Cross OTC
    • Access to a broker crossing network
Domains of Expertise


Gas – Plain

We offer electronic and voice brokering services across all European gas hubs, including TTF, NCG and VTP, using the Trayport screens, with EFETnet confirmation systems. We also have access to ICE and EEX for clearing services. We are an OTF to allow carve outs for our clients under Mifid.

Gas – Structured Products

The exotics desk works in both the power and gas markets across the UK and Europe, focusing on structured products and vanilla options. Structured products in gas include but are not limited to indexed and fixed price swing, virtual storage and virtual transport – along with this, the desk works with Interconnector UK for the sale of interconnector capacity. For power, the structures emulate power production through the medium of clean dark, and clean spark spreads, as well as virtual power interconnector products. On the vanilla side, as well as the standard options and spreads, the exotics desk also caters for calendar spread options.


We broker JKM (Japanese Korean Marker) and physical LNG cargoes. JKM is the new global benchmark for the price assessment of LNG and is the standard hedging tool of traders for their cargoes. In conjunction with our gas desk, we offer JKM vs TTF/NBP in EUR and USD allowing traders to hedge in their preferred currency. We can offer ICE, CME or physical execution for JKM.

For any information about our commodity business, please contact Luke Holland on +44 207 959 0346.