Domains of expertise

Interest Rates / Credit

  • Funding
    OTC instruments such as deposit or negotiable term securities. Given its historical position and financial strength, the OTCex Group allows its clients to remain anonymous: orders may be carried out anonymously under our name (HPC) or directly with a name give-up.
  • Arbitrage
    Arbitrage between the major international currencies.
  • Options on Interest Rates:
    The vanilla cap/floor & swaption markets as well as a range of exotic products.
  • Short, medium- and long-term interest rate swaps (IRS) and Overnight Index Swaps (OIS) :
    Contract based on a fixed rate of interest with a return payment on floating rate.
  • Futures and Options on listed markets:
    Bund, Bobl, Schatz, Euribor, Short Sterling,…
Domains of Expertise

Equities and Derivatives

  • Options on Indices and Single Stocks:
    On all European indices and major stocks.
  • Structured products in Europe:
    Variance Swaps and Options, TRS, Correlation, Barriers, etc.
  • Emerging Markets:
    Options on CEEMEA, LATAM and ASIA indices and major stocks.
Domains of Expertise


  • Geneva
    Sugar, Oil, Grains
  • London