Sale of our Voice Brokerage Activities to Marex

Dear All,


following our internal circulation dated 7 th of June, we are pleased to inform you about execution and signing yesterday of our Agreements to sell our Voice Brokerage Activities to Marex. Full and definitive completion remains of course subject to prior approval by all relevant Regulatory Bodies.

Signing between Parties of these Sale Agreements has taken place after having carried out the whole Information and Consultation process with OTCex Group’s Employees Representative Bodies, and a unanimous consent by all Works’ Council Elected Members convened at an Extraordinary Meeting session on Wednesday 6 th of July.

Right after in the process, on Friday 8 th of July :

  • OTCex Board of Directors approved execution and signing  of the Sale Project.
  • OTCex Shareholders, gathered at an Extraordinary General Meeting have approved the said Project almost unanimously, with a total voting shares accounting for 92,5 % of its Share Capital.

We conveyed in our initial internal circulation our deep belief in the fundamental positive drivers of this Sale Project for our Group and for all its Teams. Powerful internal support such as demonstrated unanimously to this dynamic corporate backing and consolidation opportunity can only strengthen it, while honourably obliging us to a perfect execution.

Long Road to our Partnership with Marex !


All Best.

Executive Management Team.