Howlite creation

We are delighted to inform you that HPC Investment Partners has finalized the entire environment for creating its special purpose vehicle (SPV), which will be fully operational at the beginning of 2022.


The creation of this SPV should enable us to benefit from an instrument that is at once differentiating, identifying and flexible, allowing for an investment in segregated sub-funds held in a securitisation mechanism. The system will initially be rolled out around an offering of Actively Managed Certificates (AMC) designed for a clientele of Third-Party Managers/Business Providers for HPC IP. In a second phase, an extension of investment supports to the Pre-IPO, Private Debt and Private Equity segments could be developed.


This vehicle’s entire legal and operational ecosystem is in the European Union so that it can address all the regulatory and sales matters under the best possible conditions.


In summary:


a. The core operational and legal component is organised around:

  • HPC Investment Management, a Luxembourg-based management firmed, 100% owned by HPC.
  • The securitisation fund (SPV), Howlite Assets, which will be the sub-fund issuer.
  • Stichting ONYX, a Netherlands-based foundation that will hold the Equity shares of the SPV’s sub-funds.


b. The triad of Essential Service-provider Partners includes:

  • Creatrust, based in Luxembourg, creator and administrative manager/administrator of the SPV and of the management company, HPC Investment Management.
  • Maples, based in the Netherlands, creator and administrator of Stichting ONYX Foundation.
  • Société Générale Luxembourg, Clearing Custodian.


A long and prosperous road ahead to Howlite Assets!

As for HPC IP, there is no end to developments and growth projects!

Head to Dubai, Singapore et Hong Kong in the first half of 2022!