OTCex is putting its expertise at the service of digitalization in Money Markets

Key player of the European Money Markets, thanks to a diversified customer base covered by its brokerage firm HPC, the OTCex group will soon launch a unique hybrid trading platform dedicated to short- and long-term money markets. OTCex will operate together with issuers, investors, banks and intermediaries on a non-disruptive and forward-looking solution.


This innovative platform will benefit all market participants through a hybrid experience combining human intermediaries, digital operational efficiency and market intelligence.


Richard Hadjimegrian, deputy CEO of the OTCex group: “We would like our clients to benefit from the advantages offered by electronic trading platforms to reinforce the added value of human intermediation, which continues to be strategic and essential to our markets”.


Frederic Metz, CEO of the OTCex group: “To carry out this project successfully, we have hired a dedicated team of experienced professionals who have complementary expertise. This is part of our long-term mission to digitalize our businesses.”


The OTCex Group

OTCex is an international group created in 2000, specialized in brokerage and asset management, based in all major financial hubs like Paris, London, New York and Hong Kong.

HPC, the group’s broker covers institutional clients on various markets like money markets, equity derivatives, fixed income and commodities.

OTCex has continuously invested in electronic trading platforms, specifically focusing on inflation (iKurv), and fixed rates (Bondrunner).

In the past 10 years OTCex has also strengthened its position in the asset management world through SANSO IS, who offer solutions that address current and future societal challenges linked to sustainable development to current and future societal challenges linked to sustainable development



Contacts :

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